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Hey girl you've been lost! :( But aaanyways I love Basshunter so I had to give you this rating. Amazing job. DROP ALL THE BASS!11!!1

Genraltweet responds:

Thanks, dude man! You're awesome!

The bass makes this song. Awesome.

Holy t-rex raptor jesus. This is amazing.

Y U NO MAKE LOOP!? Amazing! But at the end I kinda wanted it to loop :(

Genraltweet responds:

Because I'm lame!

I love the subtle bass in the background. I'm not sure what genre this fits but it's relaxing enough to be in some sort of puzzle platformer. Excellent!

Genraltweet responds:

Thanks, man!

Dude, I come to this page every day to vote 5 on this. I have listened to it non-stop for 3 days now. I have 251 plays as of writing this review. I am using this in my upcoming game, and giving you credit of course. This is the most epic adventure theme I have ever heard. Keep up the good work.

samulis responds:

Wow, thanks man! this song still is one of my favorites. :)

Whoever rated this lower than a 5 is crazy.

Very good. I'm giving it 5, but I have one criticism. The strings sound like they "cut" off at times. This can be easily fixed with reverb in FL studio along with some other effects, but overall very excellent tune/melody.

DarkGod666 responds:

Thanks!! Yeah this was my first song I made on FL.. I didn't really know how to add effects and automation clips at the time, but now I do lol. I may re upload and add to this piece. Thanks for the criticism.

Sounds like a good contemplative song for a game menu theme. Good job!

DarkGod666 responds:

Thanks buddy! Yeah I specialize in game music, so that goes without saying lol.

I actually make a bunch of music on LBP2, and I'll be converting those to FL soon, hope you look forward to that!

I always love your pads. And that bass makes the song.

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