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Wow. I love the bass undertones throughout the whole song. I'm not even kidding, it really pushes this song past just any ordinary song. The one thing I love in trance is that "moving along" feeling that just makes you naturally move without even thinking about it, and that's exactly what this song does for me. Also, the hi hat has a distinct "clack" to it that's just perfect. Any deeper and it would have ruined the ambiance of the song. You got it just right. I have similar bass undertones in a song called "Epic Chopper Trance V 2.0." I would appreciate your review on it :)

SASKID responds:

Thanks man, really proud of the piece, it's one of a few "Bangers" i've created over the years that i am more happy about than others.

I will check out that song for you, because i do love those kind of basslines! :D

The pad in the middle is what told me "Oh, so THAT'S the nature of this song." You know what I mean? Like it gave it substance, and its own identity. Everything after that was just a long, steady climb uphill into feel-good territory. Amazing job. I just wish there was more "substance" in the background, but I can't complain because dance songs aren't really supposed to have ambiance (that's for trance). 5/5 once again!

SASKID responds:

My pads in a lot of songs have improved them just due to their presence. 95% of the songs i make have pads in, if they didn't they wouldn't be good at all.

The main thing i like about this piece is the simple yet catchy melody, but it was a really quick easy production, so i cannot grumble how it turned out :D

Thanks again for another nice review! :D

I really like the bass. The whole song has a Basshunter feel to it due to the fading of the arp. I like that the build ups don't last too long and each part of the song is over quickly, moving on to the next. And the bass in the middle adds a lot to this. The one thing that I would change is that when the arp comes in around 1:45, I would probably drop the bass down a couple of keys like you had it in the beginning, but then quickly going back to the "flat" bassline after the first 4 steps when the arp fades back out. Then after 2:00 I kinda wanted the arps to last longer, but I can't complain. Overall, excellent job. 5/5 everywhere!

SASKID responds:

Wow, thanks dude! :D I do think the middle with the flat bass lasts a bit long, but it's just a break before i bring the piano in. Just glad you didn't find it too repetative.

Thanks for the review! :D

Most epic piece I have ever heard. Keep it up.

Stadler responds:

Thanks, much appreciated!!!

W-Why... Why aren't you making music for Game Freak?

Ihsman07 responds:

Because I wouldn't be able to make music on demand. That song took me three weeks because of all the "breaks" I took ^^;

I had to comment on this. Amazing take on Chaoz Fantasy. I love it even more than my version :P

Sounds like something I would hear in a video game overworld or something. Excellent! I love the jumpy feeling of it. Naturally makes my head swing side to side without me even doing it myself!

Hooooly. The beginning of this song really resonates like you're about to go do something important... This is a very weird mix of sounds and instruments throughout, but in a good way! And I love how it mixes up the tone, making it seem like the tempo is alternating, though I don't believe it actually is. Excellent!

FluidicIce responds:

Thanks for the comment! and the tempo does stay the same throughout at a constant 155bpm. (A weird number, I know)

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